Feal 2020
  • 14:00

    Official Opening

    Ouverture officielle

    Michel Lalande, Prefect of the Hauts-de-France Region
    Patrice Le Guyader, President of Pôle Automobile Hauts-de-France

    format : Table ronde

    Durée : 50 minutes

  • 14:15

    The Global Market by IHS Markit

    Présentation du marché global par le cabinet d’études IHS Markit

    Denis Schemoul, Manager EMEA Light Vehicle Production Forecasting, IHS Markit

  • 14:45

    New Mobilities and Smartcity: The Challenges and Opportunities for The Automotive Industry

    Nouvelles mobilités et smart city: les défis et opportunités pour l’industrie automobile

    Philippe Belorgey, CEO Free2Move Lease at PSA Group
    Mathieu Bernasconi, Business Development Manager at Car2go
    Loïc Chouin, Project Director Mission Grand Paris
    Jean-François DHINAUX, Head of Strategy & Partnership Via ID - Mobivia Group
    Rahat Iqbal, Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Coventry Limited
    Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation at Brandwidth (UK)

  • 16:00

    Coffee Break

  • 16:25

    Autonomous and Intuitive Vehicle: Uses and Issues

    Véhicule autonome et intuitif: usages et enjeux

    Antoine Doyon, Vice-President Group Strategy at Faurecia
    Carla Gohin, Vice President Research, Innovation and Advanced Engineering of PSA Peugeot Citroën
    Bernard Jullien, Economist, ENS Cachan
    Bertrand Stelandre, Designer and Innovation Consulting at Stelandre S.P.R.L
    Laurent Taupin, Autonomous Driving Chief Engineer at Renault

  • 17:35

    Vehicle Electrification: Technology, Vision and Impacts by 2030

    Electrification du véhicule : technologies, vision et impacts à horizon 2030

    Julien Etienne, Senior Director New Energies at Plastic Omnium
    Eric Feunteun, Electric Vehicle Global Program Director at Renault
    Michel Forissier, Product Marketing, Research and Development Director at Valeo Powertrain Systems
    Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe B.V.
    Cédric Weiss, EV/Hybrid Cell Analysis at A2MAC1

  • 18:45

    End of The First Day

    Fin des échanges de la première journée

  • 19:30

    Cocktail and Gala Diner to Palais de la Bourse (Only for sponsors)

    Cocktail et Diner de Gala au Palais de la Bourse de la CCI Grand Lille (réservé aux sponsors)

  • 08:45

    Special Conference:
    The Future of Automotive Brands by 2030: From Car Manufacturer To Mobility Provider?

    Le futur des grandes marques automobiles à horizon 2030 : du métier de constructeur de véhicules à celui de fournisseur de mobilités ?

    Luciano Biondo, President Toyota Motor Manufacturing France

  • 09:30

    Special Conference:
    The British Automotive Industry before and after Brexit

    L’industrie automobile britannique avant et après le Brexit

    Philippe Baudon, Head of Business Development of Liberty House
    Xavier Bertrand, President of Hauts-de-France Region
    Luc Chatel, President of the PFA, Former Minister
    Tommaso Pardi, Gerpisa – CNRS IDHES

  • 10:30

    Coffee Break

  • 11:00

    Conference of our Guest of Honour:
    The Future of Automotive Industry in France: a personal point of view

    L’avenir de l’Industrie Automobile en France : une vision personnelle

    Louis Schweitzer, President of Honor, Former Chairman of Renault and President of Initiative France

  • 11:45

    Concluding Conference

    Conférence de clôture

    Fabien Derville, CEO Mobivia Group

  • 12:30


    Bertrand Delzenne, Member of Suppliers Board in ARIA Hauts-de-France and President of Delzen SA
    Philippe Nottez, President of ARIA Hauts-de-France

  • 12:45

    Closing Cocktail

  • 13:30

    Special Tour To Visit Manufacturers and Suppliers Sites

    Visites au choix de différents sites industriels et d'innovation de la Région Hauts-de-France

    Tour 1: Toyota Motor Manufacturing France and Toyota Boshoku (Valenciennes et Somain)
    Tour 2: Alphatech Plastic Omnium ( Compiègne )

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